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Art of Portraiture

The opening for the Art of Portraiture is October 20th. For this show, I pulled out my paper cut portrait to submit. This piece has been in one other show previously and we have since moved to a new state, a new home and a new community. As I worked to cut more sections of paper to replace the ones damaged in the move, I wondered about how I am different now than I was when I first created this piece. How so much in my life has changed. Even though I wanted this change, and I asked for it, I was surprised at how much I struggled when we first arrived here. As time goes on, I cannot imagine not being here. I can feel myself starting to get grounded... and this time I entitled this piece "growing" as that is how I truly feel in my new space.

Information on the Art of Portraiture show:

Here is my cut paper work from my previous show... it has changed a bit in it's new location and space and has a new title: Growing

Growing paper portrait

Cutting panels to replace those damaged during the move:

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